The origins

In 1950, Lamantea family bought the first hectares of land planted with olive trees in the countryside of Bisceglie (San Felice Area). Since then, the family carries on the ancient tradition of milling the olives - the delicious fruit of their secular olive trees. Over the years, their lands were planted with olive trees of different qualities. Today, the farm “Lamantea” produces three different varieties of olive trees: Coratina, Ogliarola and Nocellara Etnea, from which they extract extra virgin olive oil of the finest quality. In addition to the olives harvested in its own lands, every year the company increases its production by buying and milling the olives of its neighboring lands.

The brand

The LAMANTEA brand, created in 2003, is synonymous with a culture of extravirgin olive oil tradition handed down from generations. Along with the new brand comes the bottling line which complete the production chain: harvest, milling, packaging and distribution.