Gift line

The extra virgin olive oil is not only a food product, but if necessary it reveals an original gift idea, precious and exclusive, suitable for any type of occasion. A present to take home to friends for a dinner in good company, to enrich a Christmas basket or as wedding favors for your wedding day. The "Gift" line offers a range of customizable gift ideas on demand, where olive oil is the absolute protagonist.

Hand painted

The tree, its colors and it roots tell us the eternal bond between us and our land. My roots are here, in Apulia, in the olive groves, in the trees that represent me because in them there is my soul, and it is only to them that I entrust my work, a quality work, because quality is the True heritage of humanity.

  • Content
    Extravirgin olive oil in
    hand paint glass bottle of 0,50 liters
  • Pois line

    The “Pois Line" packages are original gift ideas, suitable for any occasion. A precious present, available in 3 different types of oils, which represent the best of the Lamantea range. Each of this beautifull packages contain a bottle of 0.5 liters of Gourmet extra virgin olive oil.

  • Content
    Each package contains a 0.5 liter bottle
    of extra virgin olive oil "Gurmet".
  • Tris

    A present always appreciated, to be presented to the most special occasions or simply a dinner with friends or relatives.

  • Content
    3 bottles of 0.25 liters of all types of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Wooden Display

    This elegant box contains a wooden display in country style, containing six bottles of extra virgin olive oil. Besides being a great gift idea, the exhibitor is revealed a beautiful piece of furniture to be exhibited in their own kitchen.

  • Content
    6 bottles of 0.25 liters of all types of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Carring Bag

    Elegant and refined, the briefcase is a great present for any occasion or happy event, an original gift idea very welcome and appreciated.

  • Content
    5 bottles of 0.25 liters of all types of extra virgin olive oil.