Tin of 1,3 and 5 liters

Our extra virgin olive oil “cold extracted” is packaged in cans sealed, designed to preserve the freshness of the oil and to retain its fine qualities. It’s available in one, three, five liters and 100 ml.

  • Available formats
    Tin of 5, 3, and 1 liter
  • Tins of 100 ml

    The nice and original 100 ml tins, fresh and colorful, complete the Lamantea range. They contain all types of flavored oils and Gourmet line oils.

  • Available formats
    Tin of 100 ml
  • Tin of 250 ml

    The nice and original tins are available on the 250ml formats too, that contents all the tipologies of the flavoured and Gourmet Lamantea's line.

  • Available formats
    Tin of 250 ml